Sony Ericsson Idou, 12-megapixel camera phone with xenon flash and touch focus. The camera is hidden under a sliding cover. No phone can truly call be a 'multimedia' device without the screen being awesome and it is the case with Idou. The touch screen is generous with its 3.5 inches and 16 million colors. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio (360 x 640 pixels) to emphasize that the phone is aimed at multimedia. 3G and Wi-Fi are on board so streaming content from the Internet won't be a problem.

Extreme Feature : 12 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA PHONE!!
Sony Ericsson IDOU.....
I do... I do... Yes... I do.....


awesome!I wonder how much it costs.

looks wery powerful and wery expensive

seems sony got this one big time. how much this cost?

seiring kemajuan tehnologi, makin keren sekarang mah....makasih sharingnya.

Wah manteeeep tenan kameranya....!

wow mantaf hanphone nya bisa touchscreen plus kameranya juga mantaf...

mantap bro handphone dan kamera-nya.
Terimakasih infonya.

cool. would love to get one for myself :)

This Camera Phone haven't launched by Sony Ericsson... but the news samsung was launch they new camera phone Pixon12 and claim the first camera phone 12 megapixel in the world...

keren kang,.................kang link akng dah ku pasang loe.......

technology never die broo

cool. i've been an SE fan since phone became part of my life. I'd love to have one of this.

wow... looks great... do you how much?

wow.. it's amazing.. a phone with a powerful feature..

Keren Bos... tapi harganya masih selangit buat gw anak Kos2an... he...he..he..h.e... ;)
Sukses terus Mas...

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