Nokia Surge : New Symbian S60 handset offers social style with smartphone capabilities at a low price

With a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard in a slim, stylish design and Symbian S60 multi-tasking capabilities, Nokia Surge is the ideal smartphone for today's customer who is always in touch with their social circle. A recent survey commissioned by Nokia revealed that people are so hooked on staying in touch that they would rather give up coffee and sweets than live without their mobile for two weeks.
"Designed in the U.S., this socially charged smartphone comes in a sleek slide form factor that supports social networking and messaging - and all on an open platform," said David Petts, vice president and general manager, AT&T Account, Nokia. "Together with AT&T, we're excited to address the increasing demand for smartphones with a device that's as attractive to the customer as it is to his or her wallet."
The Nokia Surge offers multimedia and entertainment features, including:
- 2.0 megapixel camera - Customers can capture quality photos with color camera and 4X digital zoom
- AT&T Navigator - AT&T Navigator provides audible turn-by-turn directions, monitors traffic and alerts users when there is a slowdown or incident
- AT&T Mobile Music - Customers can listen and download their favorite music from Napster Mobile, eMusic Mobile, XM Radio and more over the air
- AT&T Video Share - The first-ever service in the U.S. that allows users to share live video over wireless devices while participating in a voice call
- JuiceCaster - Customers can share videos and pictures from their wireless device to the Web's most popular sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.


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nokia best of the best...BB out!!!!!!!!

wow! another best from nokia. they are number one when it comes to mobile phones.

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