BlackBerry Tour 9630

Connect, browse, stream, download and more on global networks with 3G reliability. The new BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 smartphone helps you stay in touch from almost anywhere in the world. A full-featured global smartphone including voice dialing, conference calling and a built-in speakerphone, it can travel along with you to most of the world on 3G networks. Going out with your new BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone doesn’t mean leaving your entertainment behind. With 256 MB of on-board memory and a built-in media player to play your songs and videos, you’ll be entertained and informed from almost anywhere life takes you. Watch videos while you’re on the train, play that energetic song when out for a run, or just share pictures and memories with friends over a cup of coffee. Experience crisp video, images, text, maps and more on the clear and colorful BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone screen. The 480x360 pixel screen offers a clear, brilliant view which stays bright and vivid over time. Whether you’re viewing photos, watching videos, surfing the web or catching up on email messages, all your important visual information is easier to read – even when you’re on the go. Capture quality digital images from all over the world and send them off with your new BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone. Its 3.2 MP camera with image stabilization allows you to instantly take print-quality photos. And no matter where you travel, you’ll never have to wonder where you took that picture. Simply snap away and geo-tagging takes care of the rest. When an event can’t be captured in a single instant, use sound and action to help tell the story using the video camera11 then share it in an email or picture message.
Access internal GPS and BlackBerry® Maps on your new BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone when you need help finding your way. BlackBerry Maps is designed to make it easy to locate nearby businesses, restaurants, theatres and more. Featuring built-in GPS that works with other location-based software, you’ll always know where you stand and where you need to be with turn-by-turn directions to help you get there quickly.
The new BlackBerry Tour 9630 features a slim design that smartly goes with you wherever you are. Lightweight and sleek, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 ensures that sending messages, answering a phone call, browsing the web or simply holding it in your hand is a comfortable experience.

Available Features: • World Phone Capabilities• 3G Network• Camera (3.2 MP)• 256 MB Built-in Memory• Enhanced Media Player• Supports BlackBerry App World™• Built-in GPS• BlackBerry® Maps• Wireless Email• Organizer• Browser• Phone• Corporate Data Access• SMS/MMS


i'm such a sucker for blackberry - though I dont have one yet. but i keep dreaming one day... hehehe

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