Kempler&Strauss WPhone : The smallest watch phone

The WPhoneWatch is the world's smallest GSM quad-band cell phone watch, along with the Communicator, a Bluetooth hands-free device. Kempler & Strauss bills the W PhoneWatch "ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle” that means a 1.5-inch, 128-by-128-pixel touch screen, a camera, a video recorder, an MP3 player, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot that works with 4GB cards, also includes a bevy of PIM apps, including a calendar, address book, a calculator, and stopwatch, plus the usual SMS, voice mail, speed dial, and a vibration mode.

The Communicator, sports a suspiciously short range of 16 feet (most Bluetooth devices list 33 feet these days), also works with MP3 files, features a noise-canceling mic and internal windscreen.
The W PhoneWatch lists for $199 and is available via K&S dealers nationwide.


small watch phone is simple, but i think if it too small, not enjoy to use it...

hohohh...best nye kalau bleh watch nii

LG also got this type of touch phone. Great watches but expensive :)

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