LG LHT854 Home Theater Systems

DVD Home Theater System
With this one Home Theater System, you’ll take your movies, music, and entertainment to a whole other level. With cinematic sound and 1080p up-scaling for a superior viewing experience, you’ll feel like you’re watching your old DVDs for the first time—it’s that good. And it’s not just movies. It’s also Made for iPod®, so you can connect directly and, with USB Media Plus, you can display your favorite photos and videos too.

$ 280 Recommended Price

Key Features
* Made for iPod®
* USB Media Host
* LG SimpLink™ Connectivity
* 1080p Up-scaling via HDMI Output

Made for iPod®
Connect, control, and play directly from your iPod®.

LG SimpLink™ Connectivity
Connect easily to other LG SimpLink products using an existing HDMI™ connection.

USB Media Host.
Connect to your digital music, photos, and videos, with a convenient USB connection.

1080p Up-scaling via HDMI Output
Ensures superior image quality and convenience, with 1080p up-scaling via HDMI™ output.


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