World’s Most Expensive Diamond

Let me show you the world’s most expensive diamond which is a dream of every woman worldwide, it has been named as ‘Wittelsbach’ that is 35.56 carats blue diamond mined in India.
While going into the history of this diamond, we can see that it is the diamond that was chosen by King Philip IV of Spain as part of the dowry for his 15-years old daughter, the Infanta Margarita Teresa, up the occasion of her betrothel to the Emperor Leopold I of Austria in 1664. When the Archduchess of Austria married Bavaria’s Crown Prince in 1722, the diamond became known as “Der Blaue Wittelsbacher” (The Blue Wittelsbach) after the Crown Prince’s family.

According to its records it measures 24.40 mm in diameter and 8.29mm in depth. The surface is amazingly pure apart from some scratches that might have caused while digging it out. This diamond had got the pride of being the most expensive diamond of the world because it was sold at the price of $24.6 million and the previous record of the most expensive diamond was of $16.5 million.


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