AASI Jetcruzer

The innovative Jetcruzer 500 is designed to be a high speed low cost single engine corporate turboprop and is the product of California based Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures Inc (AASI).

The Jetcruzer 500 is based on the smaller, unpressurised Jetcruzer 450. Early design work for what would become the Jetcruzer 450 began in 1983. Construction of an Allison 250-C20S powered prototype began in 1988. It flew for the first time on January 11 1989.

The preproduction prototype first flew April 1991, and the first production standard Jetcruzer 450 on September 13 1992. When FAA Part 23 certification was granted on June 14 1994 the Jetcruzer became the first aircraft in the world to be certificated as spin resistant.


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