Aero Boero AB-95/115/150/180

Development from the basic AB-95 (which first flew in 1959) has spawned one of the largest families of GA types yet developed in South America.

Versions of the AB-95 include the AB-95 Standard, the AB-95 De Lujo with a 75kW (100hp) Continental O-200A engine, the AB-95A Fumigador ag aircraft with the O-200A engine and fitted for crop dusting or spraying, the AB-115BS air ambulance fitted with a stretcher, the more powerful AB-95B, and the AB-95-115 with a more streamlined engine cowling housing a 85kW (115hp) O-235 engine, and main wheel fairings.

From the AB-95-115 Aero Boero developed the AB-115BS with increased wing span, greater fin sweepback and longer range, and the AB-115 Trainer. Brazil ordered 450 Trainers in the late 1980s for its aero clubs.


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