Agusta A-109

The A-109 is a high performance twin helicopter, one of the most successful in its class during the course of its 25 year history.

The first of four A-109 prototypes flew on August 4 1971. VFR certification was awarded on June 1 1975 although series production had already begun in 1974. First production deliveries took place in late 1976. The helicopter was originally named Hirundo, but this name was later dropped. Single pilot IFR certification was granted in January 1977.

The base A-109A was superseded by the upgraded A-109A Mk.II from September 1981. Improvements incorporated in the Mk.II included a greater transmission rating, redesigned tailboom and a new tail rotor driveshaft, improved rotor blade life and modern avionics. The Mk.II is also available in widebody configuration with increased internal volume courtesy of bulged fuselage side panels and reshaped fuel tanks under the cabin floor. The Mk.II Plus has the more powerful 250-C20R1 engines, as does the A-109C. The 109C also has composite rotor blades.


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