YAMAHA 5' 3" Classic Collection Grand Piano GC1

(L x W x H) Length: 5' 3" (161 cm)
Width: 59" (149 cm)
Height: 40" (101 cm)
Weight 627 lbs. (285 kg.)
Duplex Scaling Yes
Tone Collector Yes
Key Surfaces White: Acrylic resin
Black: Phenolic resin
Music Desk Positions 5
Lid Prop Positions 2
Lid Prop Safety Stop Yes
Lid Edge Square
Center Pedal Bass sustain
Cabinet Finishes All models are available in Polished Ebony finish. Availability of other finishes depends on model and in subject to regional variation. Please consult your Yamaha dealer for further information.
Also available as:
Disklavier Mark III Series:DGC1B
Disklavier Mark IV Series: DGC1M4


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