A super wide-angle high performance 24-72 mm/f2.5 (wide) - f4.4(telephoto) zoom lens with superb optical performance comparing favorably to SLR interchangeable lenses. Attach the unique tilting electronic viewfinder, linked to the focal distance to zoom and frame your subject with the feel of an SLR or medium format camera and add GX200 host of versatile accessories to enter a wider realm of creative photography. For the photographer who knows the depth and joy of photographic expression, the GX200 transcends the limitations of a compact camera.

The optical 3x super-wide zoom lens, effectively controls curvature aberration, boasts superior resolution and high contrast.
It is the "eye" of the GX200, achieving both compactness and depiction ability at a high level by employing aspheric, special low-dispersion glass and high refractive index low-dispersion lens elements.
Through fine tuning, it controls flare that can occur when shooting backlit subjects compared to GX100.
Superior optical performance is exhibited regardless of lighting conditions and focal length.

Sharp images all the way to the picture's edge with natural gradations and coloration even in high-sensitivity shooting situations: that is the power of the Smooth Imaging Engine III image processor. With thorough noise reduction measures in both its circuit design and algorithms, the GX200 effectively eliminates noise without sacrificing resolution or saturation.

A 1/1.7" CCD with 12 megapixels faithfully reproduces the world as seen. The result is superb images high in resolution and low in noise, with rich gradation expression from highlight to shadow.

The noise reduction function can switch settings according to the shooting environment. Since the noise reduction can be set to turn on at a specific ISO sensitivity level-such as ON for ISO401 and above-noise reduction can be fine tuned to the photographer's style.


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