The Honda Humanoid Robot ASIMO

TOKYO, Japan, December 13, 2005– Honda Motor Co., Ltd. debuted a new ASIMO humanoid robot which features the ability to pursue key tasks in a real-life environment such as an office and an advanced level of physical capabilities. Compared to the previous model, the new ASIMO achieves the enhanced ability to act in sync with people – for example, walking with a person while holding hands. A new function to carry objects using a cart was also added. Further, the development of a “total control system” enables ASIMO to automatically perform the tasks of a receptionist or information guide and carry out delivery service. In addition, the running capability is dramatically improved, with ASIMO now capable of running at a speed of 6km/hour and of running in a circular pattern.

ASIMO passing tray
ASIMO running (6km/h)
Honda has been pursuing research and development of a truly useful humanoid robot which possesses both intelligence and physical capabilities at a high level. With the advancements achieved with this new ASIMO, the initial goal of achieving advanced physical capabilities is accomplished. Honda will continue and even more proactively pursue R&D efforts by shifting the focus to the area of intelligence capabilities, which, for example, will further enable ASIMO to make comprehensive judgments based on various situations.

ASIMO serving drinks
ASIMO pushing cart

ASIMO Goes on a (Science) Picnic in PolandWarsaw, Poland, 29th May 2011 - ASIMO made its first ever appearance in Poland this week to attend Science Picnic, a popular open air science festival in the country's capital, Warsaw. Now in its 13th year, Science Picnic is Europe's largest public outdoor science event, attracting around 200,000 visitors and involving over 250 scientific institutions from around the world.

ASIMO's first of five public appearances at the event was introduced by His Excellency, Japanese Ambassador Yuichi Kusumoto. During this opening show ASIMO shook hands with His Excellency and provided a demonstration of its ability to give and receive objects by serving the Ambassador a drink. Four further ASIMO shows were held during the day, drawing huge crowds of families and young people all wishing to have their first glimpse of the world's most advanced humanoid robot.


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